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1 House Directory on Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:42 am


*Clicking the House Emblem leads to the House Forum.*

King's House:
King's House is a house rumored of its existence. No one knows if the house is only a legend, but it is said that the house heads of King's House run the "Black Market" of Saint Trent, a trading post within Saint Trent that takes trade requests for rare items. Trades with the "Black Market" take a span of several days to complete due to the confirmation of what is exchanged and retrieval of the rare item.

State House:
State House serves as a home for record-keepers, information gatherers, scouts, and most importantly map-makers. All house members must be able to run swiftly, absorb information well, and have neat hand-writing. The house trades its information, maps, and how-to-instructions for other bartered items. Members of this house also have the responsibility of being hired guides to those who need help navigating. The living atmosphere within State House resembles much of a workplace. There are always several members at the State House building making maps or writing out instructions, but those on break have the chance to socialize with other members. At the moment, the fastest runner within State House is Ahn. State House's head is Lucy.

Tech House:
Tech House is a community for architectural geniuses who possess the ability to create building structures, wire electricity, rig a plumbing system, or at least follow the orders of those who actually can do all these feats. In order to have them construct for you on request, you must get the house head's--Arty's-- consent for the job, gather the materials they will need, and then pay for their services. Tech House usually requests a large payment for their services, but it also depends on what kind of job they are performing. This house does not often get many jobs, but since the costs for their services are so expensive, they can easily live off those. The atmosphere of Tech House is quite crazy, for Arty only accepts members who are cooky. There is also a strict rule of members never-ever being allowed to wear shoes or socks within the house in addition to there being a mandatory fifteen minute nap-time at 3:15 PM.

R.I.P House:
R.I.P House, headed by the infamous "Jack the Ripper," is a house-renown for its medical treatment as well as ointments made out of various herbs gained from Green House. In serious cases and for medical diagnoses, there is no payment needed, but for ointments and for minor cases, a medium-priced pay is required, though the balance alters for each case. House members are required to be especially cleanly and are forced to scrub the house clean daily due to Jack's OCD. Only Jack and his three apprentices are allowed to treat other children; the rest of the house simply manages Fresh House, gathers herbs from Green House, converts the herbs into ointment, and for the higher in ranks, occasionally run diagnoses. Fresh House is a part of R.I.P House for its members make up the workforce within the newbie house; there is a cemetery that R.I.P. House manages also right next to Fresh House, but it's not put to much use because if children die within Saint Trent, their bodies are usually not found.

Weasley House:
A house headed by the notoriously playful Frederic and Georgina. To say the least, this house is quite poor. The only means of business they have for making a profit is to sell their mapped out shortcuts throughout the city to State House, set up pranks for hire (they receive a lot of business during April Fools), and--the most enjoyable--simply explore the streets to find goods of possible value. The living conditions of Weasley House are not top-notch simply because they reside within an underground base that was built for the sole purpose of surviving 2012 and have then expanded its caverns to make several other tunnels that lead into extra rooms, so there is no shortage of space. The social atmosphere is friendly and carefree with jokes laden throughout the air by a house filled nearly with all boys, the only exceptions being Georgina and Kate due to Georgina's "no girl's rule." If you're a female and wish to enter this house, you'll have to get through Georgina first.

Yum! House:
A concession-stand like house where anyone can stroll in for a pre-made meal. Most of the time, customers are able to order off the extensive menu, but during the weekends, the House transforms into a thematic restaurant, with the theme changing every week to under-the-sea to Mediterranean to etc. The House receives its ingredients from Animal House and Green House; in turn, members of these houses get 30% of all food prices. For rarer ingredients, they hire Weasley House to enter Volonda and possibly steal to obtain the item, but in dire situations, they turn to the "Black Market." The community of the house itself is quite small and quiet beside the usual bustle of the kitchen. House members are required to wake up promptly at 6:00 AM for cooking classes. Those of the Advanced Tier run the lessons with the House Head, James, only supplying the written recipe. Cooking classes end at 10:00 AM, and the restaurant promptly opens afterword to close at 9:00 PM. James works all shifts, but there are three shifts in total: 10 AM - 2 PM, 2 PM - 6 PM, and 6 PM - 9 PM. Only when you have reached the Intermediate rank may you apply for a shift.

Green House:
A dilapidated house overrun with morning glories as well as several other types of plant-life, Green House is situated near a clear river which also acts as Saint Trent's water supply. Four great trees--a Japanese Red Maple named Rikiga, a butternut tree named Wally, an autumn flowering Higan named Brigan, and a Belle of Georgia peach tree named Princess Pea--grow from the inside of the house, piercing through the roof and walls, creating large holes where water from rain may easily slip through. Due to these living conditions, almost everyone within Green House seems to be sick quite often. The House Head, Sam (or Treesong), seems to perpetually have a cold. Green House's main purpose is to cultivate different types of foliage which they sell to both R.I.P House and Yum! House. They also sell flowers during the spring. The atmosphere in the house is pretty carefree, for almost everyone is a hippy because of Sam.

Dolly House:
A house filled with materialistic luxuries such as TV, silverware, ribbons, and tea pots; Dolly House has a connection with a rich "vendor" who donates coveted items to the house. If unnecessary items are deemed unneeded by the House Head-Mary-, they are put up on sale for a high trading price. The living conditions within the house are rather top-notch with even a little well in the front lawn of their home. The ties between house members are close knit to ward off other house's cynicism that Dolly House is made up of only "spoiled and rich brats." With the money they obtain from the expensive goods they've traded, they enjoy the paid luxuries of Saint Trent such as tours from State House or flowers from Green House.

Animal House:
Run by Piggy of Animal House, this house serves as a barnyard for domesticated animals such as pigs, chickens, sheep, geese, goats, and turkey. Eventually, these animals are harvested for their meat, hides, or wool in the sheep's cases.
Members of the house are allowed to keep one animal as a personal pet (some kind of accessory must be on it to distinguish it from a regular farm animal), but they are required to have no qualms over killing the other livestock. The actual house itself is quite spacious with a large field in the back surrounded by a metal gate where the livestock graze freely. In the front yard, there is a giant dolphin fountain that the pets are allowed to bathe in.

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