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The Basics of Saint Trent Roleplay

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1 The Basics of Saint Trent Roleplay on Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:43 am



What/Who is Saint Trent?
Saint Trent is the name of the city which is the setting for the roleplay. The citizens of Saint Trent who were mostly fanatic religious followers abandoned the city after a much larger and more massive town named "Volanda" was built neighboring Saint Trent. The name of "Volanda" made the citizens abandon their city, for its sound closely resembled the name of the devil "Voland." Since then, Volanda has grown into a massive urban and "ghetto" city while Saint Trent remained eerily uninhabited. That is, until the children of Saint Trent came.

What is this roleplay about?
This roleplay revolves around a community of runaway children who create a society within Saint Trent in order to escape the harsh realities of life.

Why are these children here?

The children here all ran away from their home for one reason or another and found themselves here. Some left to escape abuse or broken homes and others ran from past trauma. These are not the only reasons for children to be here, however, and you are welcome to create your own reason as to why your character is here in Saint Trent. (Within reason, of course.) If you would like to get a feel for what kind of back stories these children run from, please read the NPC's background stories as examples here.

Why are there Nicknames?
If you look at the character profile skeleton, and see the "Nickname" section, and think to yourself, "But not everyone has a nickname!", there's a reason why it's there! Here in Saint Trent, anyone can choose to replace their real name with a nickname. Some do it to completely tuck away their pasts, and others do it simply because they think it's cooler than their real names. Nicknames are quite a trend in Saint Trent, but it is not absolutely required for RPC's (Roleplay characters). For examples of the types of nicknames within Saint Trent, please refer to the NPC profiles here.

What are the houses?
The houses are set up for the purpose of splitting responsibilities within the community of Saint Trent. Each house has its own task or purpose that it is known for. Members of a house after joining may not switch to another house, and it is their responsibility to complete the task given to them by the house head.

For more information on the duties of each house, please refer to the House directory here.

What are house tiers?
Within the houses, there are four positions of ranking inside each house with the head being the highest and grunt being the lowest.

House heads are the best at their set house's task or purpose.The House Head's responsibility is to supply assignments and tasks to the Advanced, Intermediates, and grunts. Finally, house heads communicate with other house heads in order to stock up on supplies, give information, or gather information.

The Advanced tier is the higher rank within the system. They are entrusted with more complex jobs than the lower ranks.

Intermediate is one of the lower tiers within the system. These members are entrusted with the basic responsibilities within the house.

New household members receive the rank of grunt upon joining. Grunts are not allowed to carry out tasks for the house without a member of a higher rank's supervision. This tier is where the members learn the basic ropes and get used to the house.
(Enjoy my very basic pyramid that I drew in five seconds.)

How can I get promoted in ranks?
Promotions do not necessarily come with how long you've been part of a house. Once the house head (admin or moderator) views you as worthy for a promotion, you will then be promoted. The best way to move up ranks is to be as involved within the house as best you can!

The users of "Sunsetswar" and "Haettie" are the only admins for the forum currently. The "Admin" user is not really a person, and if you send PM's asking "Admin" questions for help, you will NOT receive a reply. For any questions or concerns, please contact either Sunsetswar or Haettie.

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