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State House NPC's

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1 State House NPC's on Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:07 am


Name: Lucy

Nickname: None(She doesn't like nicknames.)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Three-fourths French, one-fourth German

Personality: Uptight, minor OCD, motherly, loves children, determined

House: State

Tier: House Head

Likes: Order, power, cleanliness, writing, children, bird-watching, flowers, snow, Fred and Georgina.

Dislikes: dirt, anarchy, rain, ignorance, complaining, procrastination, nonsense.

Backstory: Lucy, Frederic, and Georgina went on a field trip and got separated from their class. Once Lucy found the children of St. Trent, her motherly instincts kicked in and she had to stay to care for them. She's never looked back since.

Other: She always refers to people by their real, first name. She is said to have information of the mysterious King's House. She knows everything about Saint Trent.

Relations with Other NPC's: Childhood friends with Frederic and Georgina, feels nurturing of Ahn, Feels still nurturing for Artie despite the fact that he hates Lucy.

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2 Snail Shell (Ahn) on Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:21 am


Name: Ahn

Nickname: Snail Shell

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Chinese

Personality: Ahn is mostly a quiet girl who's surprisingly adamant and ambitious. She doesn't get along with short-tempered people because she enjoys going at her own pace (which is usually slow.) Despite her favoritism to a slow-pace, she's actually quite intelligent and never attacks a difficult situation without a plan.

House: State

Tier: Advanced Tier

Likes: Roses, snails, cats, people who aren't quick to assume, carrying/collecting items she finds.

Dislikes: Dogs, being challenged, yelling, spoons, under-appreciation

Backstory: Her family, after moving to America from China to escape the one-child-per-family law after conceiving Ahn who failed to be a son, was hoping to have a second child who could carry on the family name. Sadly, though, the birthing-process of the second child ended up with a miscarriage, and her mother becoming infertile. Afterword, her father began to resent both his wife and child for being "incorrect." The feelings of not being wanted eventually reached Ahn, and she left home.

Other: Allergic to cats, though she likes them. She likes to find strange and random items on the floor. She has a fine sense of hearing.

Relations with Other NPC's: Friends with Kate, Highest Tier in State House, so knows Lucy pretty well

*Important Note*: Ahn is the fastest runner within State house, the house specializing in speed delivery, making her the fastest runner within the community of St. Trent.


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