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Tech House NPC's

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1 Tech House NPC's on Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:30 am


Name: Arty

Nickname: None (Maid couldn't get used to one sadly.)

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Irish

Personality: He's a snappy genius who likes time alone in order to tinker with contraptions and make his own devices. He's a bit arrogant when it comes to his own ability and is convinced the entire world is his to conquer. Occasionally, he wonders if his existence within Saint Trent will allow him to make an impact on the world, or will his talents be reaped only by the few and unappreciative young within the community?

House: Tech

Tier: House Head

Likes: Capes, books, tinkering, solitude

Dislikes: Pants, socks, shoes, underwear(?), systems, uniformity, orders, advice

Backstory: His parents sent him off to boarding school, hoping to remedy his natural quirkiness, but being forced to wear a uniform, obey an everyday schedule, and generally being pushed into a monotonous system, he rebelled and ran away from both his parents and his boarding school. After discovering St. Trent, he sought out his old maid who was fired shortly after his departure to boarding school, and asked her to run away to St. Trent with him.

Other: Arty always wears a different outfit everyday, and never EVER wears pants. It is rumored that he doesn't wear underwear.

Relations with Other NPC'S: He greatly dislikes Lucy for manning the house set with the most rules; he enjoys the carefree air to Weasley House but is disappointed in their lack of cleanliness; and cares deeply for Maid.

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2 Maid (Angelina) on Fri Jul 29, 2011 9:13 am


Name: Angelina

Nickname: Maid

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: English (No accent, since born in America)

Personality: Maid is generally a spineless airhead who really doesn't have many pet peeves. She hates the fact that she is spineless, though, but feels like changing herself would be a hopeless effort, since she's been easily-swayed all her life. Maid is also an overly-generous person. If there were any reason for her becoming poor, it'd be because she'd given all her riches away. She hates to deny people. If a thousand people asked for her help in a single day, she'd accept all their requests, but she wouldn't necessarily try her best to accomplish them all because she has learned that it is impossible to expect herself to live up to others expectations because they (and she) will always view her as a failure.

House: Tech House

Tier: Advanced Tier

Likes: Mostly Everything

Dislikes: People who shun strangeness

Backstory: Maid has known Arty since he was five and has been his maid since then due to both their parents being friends. The reason why Arty accepted her as his maid is because her predecessor was too demanding in Arty's taste, so, maid being spineless, was Arty's perfect cup of tea. She has always idolized Arty, and never views anything he does as wrong--even if it really is (what a lovely babysitter).

She often forgets her real name is Angeline. She also obtained her nickname before joining St. Trent because when she was first becoming Arty's maid, he was not too fond of her and only addressed her as "Maid." Eventually she grew on him, but "Maid" had surprisingly stuck.

Relations with Other NPC's: Most other heads look down on her for tending to the needs of someone who is much younger than herself, and it makes her feel somewhat sad, but she really doesn't put too much mind to it because she had never met anyone's expectations before.

She knows Arty cares for her, but she is not entirely sure why.


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