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Dolly House NPC's

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1 Dolly House NPC's on Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:44 am


Name: Mary


Age: 15

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Danish

Personality: Currently, Mary is a determined, brave young lady most of the time. She stands up for what she believes in and is willing to raise her voice for discipline, but before she is able to become adamant, she must first convince her true, timid-self to put aside her self-doubts formed by past trauma. There hasn't come a day so far where she has been defeated by her doubt. Beside her confidence-issues, she is usually serene and sensitive, being one who has suffered much herself.

House: Dolly House

Tier: House Head

Likes: pink, dolls, silverware, shiny things, flowers, dogs, cursive, literature, violins, porcelain, dresses

Dislikes: Cats, purple, apple-head dolls, crows, cigarettes, beer, pants

Backstory: Soon after her mother divorced her father, Mary's father soon fell into a depression, submerging himself in alcohol, smoking, and adultery. He often beat Mary to relieve his stress and also because he claims to "hate" her because she was a living image of her mother. He beat her with broken beer bottles, rubbed his cigarette ashes on her, and also cropped off her once beautifully long hair. After a month of this treatment, her father committed pre-meditated suicide by liver poisoning from over-indulgence of alcohol. With no home left, she wondered the streets, and found the community of Saint Trent.

Other: All the members within Dolly house find her to be the most beautiful girl they've ever seen.


2 (Lacie) Dorothy on Tue Aug 23, 2011 4:35 am


Name: Dorothy

Nickname: Lacie

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Indian

Personality: Dorothy is usually cheerful and bubbly throughout the entire day, although she easily gets annoyed and is quite hard-headed about her own beliefs, not willing to accept other perspectives well. When she finds an interest in something, she makes sure she knows everything about the topic of interest. When she has developed a hobby, she never loses interest in it. Dorothy is actually quite smart, but rather immature.

House: Dolly

Tier: Advanced

Likes: Mary, frills, pink, dolls, privileges, feeling special, recreational activities, the process of creating, feeling useful

Dislikes: pessimism, challenges, advice, depressive topics, destruction

Backstory: Coming from a rich background with her father being a doctor and being able to afford private tutors to help her in school, Dorothy was envied by her best friend for always being so stellar in academics as well as having many boys chase after her for her social accommodations. She accused Dorothy of having her success "spoon-fed to her from the start" and "never actually accomplishing anything by herself." Dorothy began to realize that what her friend had said could possibly be true, so she ran away from home, searching to "accomplish" on her own, without her social standings or lucrative family. She found Saint Trent, and once she laid eyes on Mary, she began to develop a crush on her. Eventually, Dorothy joined Dolly House and created an agreement with her sister still at home to donate any belongings they didn't need anymore to the children of Saint Trent. Dolly House then gained these items and enjoyed them for themselves while putting up items they didn't want up for trade for a very high value. Dorothy is aware that she is still using her family's social standings as a "life-line," but she has told herself, "I'm still relying on my family as a life-line, so I am staying here until I can find the strength to stand. Plus, I have to woo Mary until I can obtain her heart!"

Other: Dorothy is allergic to nuts.


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